Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Returned some epoxy I had bought a month or so ago to Michaels the other day. ~*FYI*~ KEEP ALL YOUR RECEIPTS TO MICHAELS!!! I did not have my receipt, and they took 20% off because of it... royal gip. I am now only buying *hardware* from there as it's cheaper than getting off from etsy .

Got some gold 2" headpins, a 24 yard spool of 26 gauge silver wire, and a pair of round nosed pliers. I've been using a regular pair of needle nose. OMG I cannot believe how much easier it is making eyelets with these. My next *tool* purchase I am getting some chain nosed pliers to reduce some of the markups on the plated metal.

I eventually hope to only be using non-plated metals, get some nickle-free stuff in, but I don't think that will be for awhile yet.

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